Understand All About Laser Hair Removal

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Understand All About Laser Hair Removal

Summer is coming and up to date hair removal is almost a rule for those who want to go to beaches and pools without feeling uncomfortable. That’s why it’s essential to choose the right method for you. Most people opt for waxing or shaving, which can be very aggressive and result in the dreaded folliculitis, those little red balls that usually appear after waxing, similar to acne and that can even inflame, you don’t want to go to the beach with folliculitis, do you? So choose a long-lasting and effective method for you to enjoy the summer without fear of being happy!

Getting rid of unwanted hair is no longer a painful or unsatisfactory process. A laser hair removal, comes with its effectiveness, as a great help for those who seek to have a smoother, hair-free skin. This procedure is not limited only to vanity, but is also adopted as a
is also adopted as a matter of hygiene and well being.

The main benefits obtained through laser hair removal

– Due to the long-lasting treatment, it requires less maintenance, being it, in some cases,
necessary after years;
– It does not leave ingrown hairs;
– If hair is still growing, laser hair removal contributes to thinner hair;
– When hair starts to grow, it causes less irritation;
– It is a safe procedure;
– After a few sessions, the hair growth time decreases, and it is not necessary to
with the same frequency as before the procedure, which gives the patient more time for himself
patient more time for himself;
– Best cost x benefit;
– After waxing, the sensation of smooth, soft skin is incomparable;
– It hurts less than other procedures;
– It affects only the hair follicles, which does not harm the sweat and sebaceous
sebaceous glands.
– It is not a cancer-causing technique.

How does the laser work?

The laser emits a pure light, which is attracted and captured by the melanin, a pigment present in the hair shaft and responsible for its color. This energy, when absorbed by the hair shaft, is transmitted to the germ cells, responsible for its growth.

As a result, the laser’s thermal energy destroys or delays the hair follicle’s ability to produce a new hair. Therefore, already in the first sessions, hair grows back weaker and thinner.

Is laser hair removal painful?

One question that many people have doubts about is the possibility of pain during laser hair removal. As mentioned earlier, it is normal to feel some discomfort in the area during the procedure. However, this will also depend on the thickness of the skin. The thinner and more sensitive the skin of the treated area, the more likely the patient is to feel pain. In addition, areas that have more hair, and where the hair is thicker, can also be more painful. Despite this, these same areas are the ones that show the best and fastest results.

How many sessions are necessary?

The number of sessions will depend on the area treated, hair density, and growth cycle. Several sessions are necessary because the laser weakens the follicle only when the hair is in the growth phase. The result of the treatment varies from patient to patient, because factors such as skin color, pigmentation, and hair thickness are determining factors. Hormonal changes can influence it, impairing the treatment result or increasing the need for sessions. After each session, the person can resume their daily activities, however, without sun exposure on the treated site.

What does the skin look like after the first session?

The area that was waxed becomes hot and red, resulting in discomfort that lasts between two to four hours on average.

Can I sunbathe after the session?

Yes, but only as a precaution. It is recommended that when exposing yourself to the sun you use sun protection factor 50 or higher and that you cover the treated area.

Are there any dangers in using the laser?

There are no risks when the procedure is performed by qualified professionals as we have here at Elaine Esthetics. Otherwise, second-degree burns may occur, resulting in the formation of blisters in some points or even the temporary darkening of the affected area.

To make the procedure more agile, comfortable and painless, we have state-of-the-art devices, which incorporate fiber optics to the Diode laser. This way, the application becomes more tranquil and pleasant.

How about getting in touch and scheduling your totally free evaluation? There is still time to get rid of hair and enjoy the summer!



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