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skin cleansing

Skin cleansing removes impurities from the skin, detoxifies and oxygenates the pores, and aids in the renewal process. Even if the person does not have blackheads or pimples, pollution and climatic factors, along with the use of cosmetics [makeup products, sunscreen, anti-aging cream, etc.], leave the skin dull, devitalized, and looking tired.

For this reason, it is important to cleanse the skin periodically, respecting the skin’s revitalization cycle, which takes 28 days. The epidermis matrix cells [the most superficial layer of the skin] generate new cells that reach the surface during this period, making the cleansing action more effective.

1. Hygiene, performed with specific soap for each skin type;
2. Exfoliation, indicated to reduce the thickness of the most superficial layer of the skin, removes impurities and increases the permeability of the actives used in the procedure;
3. Emolliency, an emollient lotion is applied [which softens and leaves the pores open and the blackheads softer, to extract them] and, with the help of a thermal mask or ozone vapor, the pores are opened, facilitating the extraction of the comedones [blackheads] from the skin;
4. Extraction, through moderate pressure exerted with the fingers the beautician subtracts the comedones from the skin;
5. High frequency, when an antiseptic lotion is used [decreases the risk of infection] and then the high frequency is used to complement the asepsis [disinfection of the skin, leaving it free of germs and bacteria] and help close the pores and improve oxygenation, helping the healing process of the skin;
6. Hydration, to replace the water on the skin surface;
7. Finalization and protection, when a mask is used according to each type and need of the client’s skin. It is necessary to wait for the action time, remove the product, and apply the sunscreen.

Is skin cleansing painful?
That will depend a lot on the sensitivity of each skin and mainly on the professional’s hand and technique. There are several methods to minimize pain, ranging from the choice of products and equipment to assist and make the process comfortable.

Can men perform skin cleaning?
The male skin cleaning is extremely important for men because they usually have a higher production of oiliness, since the production of sebum is closely linked to the testosterone hormone. Men can and should not only have their skin cleaned.

I have acne on my back, how to solve it?
The cleaning of the skin on the back is highly recommended for both men and women. Performing it with the correct frequency helps the skin to recover and prevents the formation of spots on the back.

What is skin cleansing for?
The deep cleaning of the skin serves to remove acne (pimple), comedones (carnation), and millium. It is usually indicated before any other aesthetic procedure because it serves as a preparation for the skin. Performing skin cleansing is good regardless of what state your skin is in because it does all the cleaning and renewal.

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