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Be your own priority. Surely you have heard this phrase and agree with it. After all, the routine of work, studies, and family demands so much dedication that a moment for self-care from time to time is well deserved.
Do you usually dedicate some moments of your day to take care of yourself? Do you agree that daily breaks are important to take care of your mind? Do you consider your routine conducive to self-care?

As the name suggests, self-care is nothing more than the attention you devote to yourself. One of the main aspects of self-care is recognizing our physical, mental, and emotional needs.

Self-care helps prevent wear and tear and relieve stress. No one wants to push themselves too hard and end up having a breakdown, right? Taking time for yourself helps prevent this, take a break and replenish your energy for more productive work.

You may have heard of self-esteem and self-confidence. Self-care is totally related to both, because if we don’t love ourselves, we cannot give love to others. Likewise, if we are not able to take care of ourselves, there is very little we can do for others.

The first step is to recognize your physical, mental and emotional needs. The second step is to analyze how your day unfolds and find gaps to include activities that are pleasurable and relaxing for you, and to strive to have the needs listed above met.

There are some techniques that can help you practice self-care and make taking care of yourself a routine:

– Do a face mask, in addition to taking care of your skin, which is a very important thing it also gives you the feeling that you are doing something for yourself.
– Turn off your phone and spend just 15 minutes present and feeling everything around you.
– Try meditating and practicing mindfulness are great practices to help you feel calmer and happier.
– Get your nails done! Beautiful nails = increased confidence.
– Take good care of your sleep.
– Have a warm tea, we have several options that not only make you cozier, but also provide you with amazing health benefits.
– Write down at least 5 things for which you are grateful
– Pamper yourself with a delicious vitamin and don’t forget to add your Collagen Peptides + Protein scup
– Do a self-massage (We have an IGTV teaching you how to do a self-massage)
– Dance to your favorite song in front of the mirror
– Read a few pages of your favorite book or a book you’ve never read.
– Schedule a relaxing massage to make you feel even better, relax your body, calm your mind, and increase your self-esteem.
– Take care of your immunity. In this post I explain how you can increase your immunity with small actions.

It may sound cliché, but a healthy diet + physical exercise can help you feel much better about yourself, besides achieving incredible health.

The important thing is to understand what is good for your body and mind. We at Elaine Esthetics are here to help you feel even better about yourself. We are here to give you the best experience of your life. You deserve to be taken care of, you deserve the best.



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