Reduxsculpt Revolution, it’s time to say goodbye to localized fat!

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Reduxsculpt Revolution, it’s time to say goodbye to localized fat!

Here at Elaine Esthetics we always seek the latest generation protocols, to provide you with the best in aesthetics here at our clinic!

Reduxsculpt Revolution is a very effective procedure against localized fat to reduce tissue folds that are developed by the loss of dermal support associated with localized fat.

This revolutionary protocol as the name implies, differs from some parameters of the old conventional Reduxsculpt, which results in more benefits. It does not present suction, thus excellent results are observed, such as a larger area of body action, without hematomas and pain.

The technology is centered in the action of cold and electric currents, which provide greater firmness and luminosity to the skin, as they stimulate the collagen and elastin fibers.

Benefits of Reduxsculpt Revolution

– The results are observed since the first session
– Treatment is performed in clinics and requires no recovery period
– It is an effective procedure against localized fat
– Four flat applicators are used for simultaneous treatment
– Personalized, painless and non-invasive treatment
– There is no suction.
– It does not cause pain or bruising
– Besides fat reduction, it is also effective for light to moderate tissue flaccidity.
– The procedure lasts around 30 minutes (depending on each case)
– Reduces 25% to 35% of fat


– Pregnant women
– Implanted electronic device (example: cardiac pacemaker)
– Neoplastic areas or over areas in which a tumor has been removed
– Over areas that present cutaneous assections;
– Children, elderly or patients with high sensitivity to cold (cryoglobulinemia)
– Intolerance to cryotherapy
– Rayanud’s syndrome
– Over ischemic areas (in which the blood supply may be unable to meet the metabolic demand resulting in necrosis)
– On open or infected wounds

One of the most effective protocols in the loss of measures and end of localized fat! The treatment is an absolute success, as it combines cellular, muscular, and dermal bioactivation, and greatly reduces localized fat.

There is still time to get an even more beautiful body to rock this summer, contact us and schedule your appointment right now.



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