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Mounjaro is a prescription injectable medication that empowers adults with type 2 diabetes to take control of their blood sugar. But that’s not all! Recent studies are showing promise for Mounjaro as a weight-loss aid.


  • Benefits for Type 2 Diabetes:

    • Helps regulate blood sugar levels alongside diet and exercise.
    • May be especially effective for long-term blood sugar control.
  • Potential Weight Loss Benefits:

    • Studies suggest significant weight loss in people with obesity.
    • May work by increasing satiety (feeling full) and slowing digestion.


Nara V


I went in for a facial cleaning, and it was wonderful! The atmosphere is amazing, the procedure was efficient and I felt refreshed. I left with a their skin care line which is incredible, best spa ever!

Grace P


There were so many different facial procedures to choose from, so I decided to do the Hydrafacial procedure the last time. I left with my skin super hydrated and smoother than ever. I love the staff, and the place is beautiful, and relaxing. Best experience I’ve had at a spa.

Ben M


I did a facial there recently and it was a great experience. They got rid of all my blackheads, and left my face glowing and feeling super fresh and clean. 


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