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Laser 4U

No more packages of laser hair removal sessions by area, now you can do it in any area of ​​the body and throughout the year with the Laser 4U with the best technology on the market.

Membership is an annual subscription, with monthly payment without breaking the bank. You choose the area of ​​the body you want to laser and schedule your appointment.

Cost benefit

You use it all year round, save money and feel good about yourself, without feeling it in your pocket.

Painless and lasting effect

You have an effective method, a qualified team and all the welcome you can only find here.

Any part of the body

Now you can laser any part of your body without restrictions, it's your choice.

No skin irritations

You are free of ingrown hairs and discomfort, your skin soft for longer.


Sheila C


I am currently halfway through the Laser4U membership, and I’ve basically got no more hair left! Super effective and pain-free, way better than waxing. Thank you Elaine Esthetics!

Tory H


I have done a whole year membership of Laser4U, and it was amazing! In just a few months I basically had no more hair, in the areas that were lasered. Staff is very professional and friendly and took great care of me the whole time. I recommend it to everyone to try it.

Jake D


I’m so glad I decided to try laser hair removal! After just two weeks, I’m already seeing a significant reduction in hair growth and the process is so much more convenient and painless than traditional hair removal methods. I’m looking forward to enjoying smooth, hair-free skin with continued treatments.

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Your skin smooth and soft for longer!

Elaine Esthetics Aesthetic and Beauty Clinic Boston Massachusetts
Laser 4U - Membership Elaine Esthetics
Laser 4U - Membership Elaine Esthetics
Laser 4U - Membership Elaine Esthetics

Common questions

If you can’t use it for a month, you can share your Membership with that special person who also deserves to get rid of their hair.

Which areas you want! No more having to choose just one area, with Laser4U you can choose which areas you want.

Included is 30 minutes of laser hair removal in any area you want, every 30 days, yes, that’s right, every month, all year round.

Of course you can! There are some recommendations such as waiting 7 days to sunbathe on site after the procedure.

You sure can. It’s for all skin types!

Of course, men can too and they must get rid of the hair. Freedom is for everyone!

Still have doubts? Talk to us now.