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increase your butt

Boost your butt quickly and effectively with Brazilian Butt Up

June 25, 2021

The dream of many women is to have a lifted and well-defined buttocks. Many times, these women spend hours and hours in the gym to achieve the desired effect, but this alone may not be enough.

But what if I told you that there is an effective treatment that can totally lift the buttocks and bring this definition to them? Well, this incredible protocol already exists, and we can provide in a few sessions the much-dreamed-of swollen buttocks; this protocol is a true revolution in aesthetics.

The protocol associates muscle strengthening and remodeling of the tissues, skin, and fat layer, creating a uniform appearance, toning, and lifting the buttocks. Women can be treated and lift their buttocks and also their self-esteem. After the completion of the method, the effect can be maintained through physical activities that enhance the results achieved.

How does the protocol work?

The Brazilian Butt Up protocol has a device that contains suction cups that will promote deep suction in the buttocks regions. With this, it stimulates and improves blood circulation, the lymphatic system and the connective tissue. And the best part? You can see incredible results already in the first session!

The treatment corresponds to more than 2,000 repetitions of exercises for buttocks. That’s right, more than 2,000!

It is not necessary to follow anything special after the application of Brazilian Butt Up. We only indicate that you avoid sun exposure in the treated area and try to maintain a healthy diet and good habits in order to obtain better results. It won’t help a thousand aesthetic procedures if you continue with bad habits.

What results can I expect from Brazilian Butt Up?

Besides stiffened, modeled and lifted buttocks, you still have other benefits, such as

– Reduction of localized fat;
– Reduction of cellulite
– Improves local lymphatic system
– Improves blood circulation;
– Elimination of toxins.
– Hypervascularization: improves cell nutrition and trophicity.
– Tissular tonification: stimulates the elastin fibers associated with the decongestion of tissues.
– Defibrosis: restructuring of the connective tissue due to the contribution of nutrients, enzymes, and elimination of toxins.
– Tissue and lymphatic depressodrainage: with the improvement of trophicity allied to tissue flexibility. With this, it allows the interstitial liquids, blood and lymph, to eliminate toxins with a better supply of nutrients.

Despite being a safe procedure, the Brazilian Butt Up is contraindicated in some cases, such as

– In regions of cutaneous tumors;
– Inflammatory rheumatisms;
– Dermatosis;
– Fragility of the capillary vessels;
– Infectious or inflammatory processes in the treatment site;
– Decompensated cardiac patients;
– Pregnant women;
– People who have implants of any kind in the treatment site;
– Circulatory pathologies and diseases, such as: phlebitis, embolisms, varices and thrombophlebitis;
– Pulmonary emphysema;
– Epilepsy.

Frequent Doubts –

Many people wonder whether the treatment brings any pain or discomfort. And no, it does not cause any pain, it is totally painless. And its application takes about 30 minutes.

At least 5 sessions of the protocol are indicated for satisfactory results. But only in the evaluation we will find out how many sessions are necessary for each case.

Don’t miss the chance to show off your perfect buttocks with the Brazilian Butt Up, a revolutionary protocol that gathers the best techniques to lift your buttocks. Show off lifted, hard, and modeled buttocks.

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