Healthy aging

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Healthy aging

We admire people who, regardless of their age, love themselves, take care of themselves, and get the best out of every season of life.

Skin and body care are fundamental to maintain quality of life and high self-esteem. Technology is increasingly on our side, helping us women to grow old more and more beautiful! It is also important to always keep your routine exams up to date, practice guided physical activities, and adopt a healthy diet.

There are many people in their 40s who suffer from serious health complications. At the same time, there are many 80-year-olds full of vitality. After all, it all depends on how we deal with the factors involved in this process and what our habits are.

Genetics and epigenetics

We all have some tendencies dictated by family predisposition. Epigenetics, however, refers to the influence of the external environment on our DNA. This relationship is dynamic. This means that we can silence or activate disease-causing genes according to our lifestyle.


As the body ages, *our metabolism tends to become slower and slower*. As a result, several functions that are vital for the perfect functioning of the body may be compromised. The slowing of the metabolism happens, mainly, when the patient does not adopt a healthy lifestyle.


Our habits, no matter how banal or routine they may seem, are largely responsible for achieving a prosperous longevity or, on the other hand, for causing several diseases during old age. Lifestyle is directly related to our physical and mental health. It has a direct impact on each person’s life expectancy.

Habits that influence, the aging process

Healthy and balanced eating

Keep moving. Physical activity promotes mental, physical and social well-being;

Get a good night’s sleep – this can help recovery, reduce stress, and promote more energy and optimism;

Healthy relationships

Cultivate mental health and spirituality

Drink at least 3L of water a day

Always stimulate the mind to preserve cognitive ability

Consider high quality nutritional supplements, if needed, to help achieve recommended nutrient levels.

Consider hormone implantation

Habits are very important in achieving healthy aging, important in recognizing the body’s changes and outlook on life. Aging can be a positive process, especially if you have knowledge that helps in the pursuit of good health.

We are here to help you age healthily and make the most of every phase of your life.



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