Afrodite’s Kiss the protocol of the moment!

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Afrodite’s Kiss the protocol of the moment!

At Elaine Esthetics we are always seeking the best for you, always looking for innovation and cutting edge technology to provide you with the best of Brazilian esthetics in Massachusetts!

The newest thing of the moment here at the clinic is Afrodite’s Kiss, Canada’s #1 facial technology!

Our Afrodite’s Kiss protocol is a 3-in-1 super-facial, Incorporating patented OxyGeneo ™ technology for unmatched skin nourishment and oxygenation! The result is clear after the first treatment session, a more youthful and radiant appearance.

– Immediate and significant results, visible after the first treatment

– Soothing and relaxing

– Natural oxygenation of the skin from within through the Bohr effect

– Infusion of natural, powerful active ingredients into the skin

– Long-term improvement of skin texture and appearance

– Supported by real scientific and medical studies

– Suitable for all skin types

– Treatments for face and body

– Never tested on animals

– Vegan ingredients

– No downtime

Yes! The ingredients in this amazing protocol are completely vegan, the skin smoothing and illuminating treatment evens skin tone, reduces signs of pigmentation and protects from sun damage – the perfect way to protect your skin this season and get maximum summer glow!

Therapeutic ingredients like Red Seaweed, Retinol and Caffeic Acid deeply absorb your complexion to visibly improve your skin texture after your first treatment!

The exfoliation is refreshing and comfortable, creating an abundance of CO2 bubbles that permeate the top layer of the skin to naturally oxygenate the skin from within, while also preparing the skin for an infusion of nutrients, vitamins and selected active ingredients that promote healthier, smoother skin.

Say goodbye to acne and other impurities on your body. Harnessing the power of oxygen on your body’s problem skin areas can leave it detoxified, renewed, and hydrated from head to toe.

Afrodite’s Kiss is ideal for people dealing with:

– Acne and pimples on the body

– Body pigmentation

– Cracked skin

– And other irritating conditions

How long do the results last?

Afrodite’s Kiss protocol works with your skin’s natural repair processes; therefore, results are individual and may vary between people. Your lifestyle also affects your results, so maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps prolong the effect of the treatment. The more you do Aphrodite’s Kiss the longer lasting results.

How long does the procedure last?

The treatment takes about 35-45 minutes. The Afrodite’s Kiss protocol can be done as a facial alone or in combination with other procedures, which will extend the duration of the overall treatment.

Is it for all skin types?

Yes, Afrodite’s Kiss is a “colorblind” technology that can safely treat all skin types.

I have a party on the same day as the treatment, will I have problems?

Quite the opposite! There is no downtime and the skin feels incredibly well right after the procedure. Even if you have an event coming up, schedule your treatment on the same day or the day before and everyone will notice how radiant your skin will look during the event.

Like it? How about scheduling your session? Be sure that you will fall in love!



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