Aesthetic procedures: 6 secrets to boost your results

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Aesthetic procedures: 6 secrets to boost your results

Have you ever gone through aesthetic procedures that did not give the expected result? It is very common to see people who go to have some treatment already discredited in its effectiveness due to bad experiences in the past. However, there are some guidelines that can help you ensure even more successful results in your aesthetic procedures.

Increase your hydration – It may not seem like much, but the simple act of drinking water makes a big difference in the success of your aesthetic procedures. This is because when we are dehydrated, our collagen and elastin fibers are damaged. Also, water contributes to the entire functioning of our body, including stimulating the metabolism, accelerating the natural inflammatory process, and eliminating toxins. This is fundamental, for example, in a localized fat loss treatment, where the fat cells are eliminated from the body.

Do the home care correctly – In most protocols the client will receive guidelines and indications to maintain the care at home, it is very important to follow carefully what the professional tells you. It is very important to follow carefully what the professional tells you.

Healthy eating is the secret – To avoid skin glycation it is very important to maintain a healthy diet, with low intake of sugars, fried food, fat, alcohol, and refined carbohydrates. Glycation is when a glucose molecule joins a protein, yes, the ones we fight so hard to keep after 25! This joining makes the protein unstable, causing it to break down, affecting the patient’s skin.

Exercise – Especially for aesthetic body procedures it is very important to exercise, I understand that some people may not have time to go to the gym, and that’s okay. You can have an online personal trainer that will give you exclusive workouts for you, or you can even put on dance videos on Youtube and dance along or even do at least 30 minutes of walking a day. You can be sure that this will help accelerate your results, we must always remember that it is no use performing several aesthetic procedures and having a bad diet or not practicing any physical exercises.

Sleep well – Nothing like a good night’s sleep, right?! The effects of sleep deprivation are clear in our skin, especially in the area of dark circles and spots. Sleep is very important even to help in the weight loss process, since it helps to regulate hormones linked to hunger, besides controlling the levels of cortisol, which is related to stress, known as a trigger for uncontrolled eating.

Up-to-date supplementation – Collagen in particular! Collagen is the protein responsible for skin structure and firmness. After the age of 25, approximately, there is a progressive loss of this substance: This happens due to the aging of the fibroblast, which ends up decreasing the production of fibers, and depending on the person’s lifestyle this process can happen in a more or less intense way. We have Collagen Peptides + Protein available in the store and on the site, wonderful and unflavored for you to use in the preparation you prefer.

Use sunscreen – Sun protection is fundamental! Some techniques, such as permanent hair removal, can make the target application area more sensitive to sunlight, increasing this need. In some cases, such as acid treatment on the face, lack of sun protection can cause the rebound effect, boosting the appearance of spots.

Boost your results with powerful teas – We all know that teas are very powerful, but did you know that some can help you boost your results with aesthetic procedures?

✨ Turmeric Detox Tea | Detox tea is an effective liver detoxifier, potent for inflammation and infusion of antioxidants helps remove harmful toxins, increases energy levels, helps boost immunity, promotes fat burning, eliminates bloating and eases digestion, promotes radiant skin and overall body detoxification.

✨ Turmeric Golden Tea | Turmeric Golden cha is a potent and healthy inflammation and antioxidant drink, neutralizes free radicals, and reduces oxidative damage, created to help boost the immune system.

✨ ANTea aging Tea | Our ANTea aging tea protects and replenishes the skin’s epidermis, cleanses, strengthens, improves skin quality and moisture balance, and provide glowing, vibrant skin. The perfect superfood drink for your daily beauty and well-being!

It is always very important to follow the advice of your esthetician. Always ask any questions that arise.



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