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The Brazilian Beauty

Med Spa , body, facial and healthcare procedures, transforming lives from the inside out!

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With years of experience, Elaine Med Spa is an aesthetic clinic and a medical clinic located in the Boston (MA) region, with the Brazilian essence.

With modern facilities and ample parking space, we provide our clients with advanced facial and body beauty treatments, with more than 80 treatment options and 6 exclusive protocols carried out by trained professionals who are attentive to the needs of each client.

Our mission is to promote the well-being and self-esteem of our clients, who, despite the fast pace of family and professional life, recognize the importance of self-esteem and well-being for a balanced and productive life.

Our clinic was designed to provide you with an amazing, relaxing and welcoming experience, relieving the stress of a fast-paced life.

Our Essence

The Brazilian Beauty

I am Elaine Martins, married to Israel Martins, mother of two children, Weslley and Islaine.

The passion for esthetics and well-being, together with my dedication to my studies, led me to graduate as a beautician in the state of Massachusetts, where I live with my family.

After years of experience in the area and also as an orthomolecular therapist, I decided to open a space where I could provide the best and most modern beauty and well-being treatments for my clients, thus creating the Elaine Med Spa clinic and also the cosmetics line, Le Rituel.

We brought to the Boston (MA) region, an aesthetic clinic and a medical clinic with the Brazilian essence, providing you with the best and most modern protocols and specialized techniques to enhance even more your natural beauty in one place, with comfort, quality and excellence in service. Be very welcome!

Elaine Martins

CEO Elaine Med Spa

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