40 beauty tips

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40 beauty tips

40 beauty tips: learn simple tricks for face, body, hair and makeup to do at home

Every woman knows those homemade beauty tricks to give the look up in a practical and simple way.  Because to increase your repertoire, we will fill you with new tips for taking care of your face, hair, body and breakage, bringing valuable indications also for makeup time.  Come with us!


1- Baby ointment is excellent for reducing dark circles.  Go through your bags before bed and take them out the next morning.
2-Make a fine oat scrub with coconut oil to eliminate blackheads from your face.
3-Moisturize your face with a mask made from a mixture of banana and olive oil.
4-Cold water is excellent for the face.  Throw a few ice cubes into a bowl and wash your face thoroughly every night.
5-Use camphor to soothe your skin and fight acne and pimples.
6-Did you sleep badly?  Using a cotton swab, apply a mask of iced chamomile tea to remove dark circles.
7-Always carry a spray bottle with mineral water and apply to your face to keep it fresh.
8-Use petroleum jelly to moisturize dry and chapped lips in the cold.
9-Vaseline is also great for keeping your eyebrow tidy.
10-Use sunscreen on your face daily, even when you are at home all day.


1-Every ten days use an anti-residue shampoo to remove all impurities from the hair.
2-Castor oil is a great ally for hair growth and strengthening.
3-Never sleep with wet hair.  Let the wires dry well so that they do not become brittle.
4-Cut the ends of the hair every 4 months to keep them strong.
5-Do not wash the strands with very hot water to avoid opening the cuticle and weakening the hair.
6-If you need to hide the oiliness, but do not have time to wash your hair, apply a little talcum powder to the root.
7-If the blonde strands are turning green because of too much sun and chlorine, apply milk.
8-To temporarily disguise white hair, use waterproof mascara of the same shade.
9-Use green tea for oily hair, they will help to remove greasiness and make it shiny.
10-To reduce hair loss, invest in products that contain aloevera

Body Care

1-Combat cellulite with a vigorous massage on the thigh area for about 10 minutes.
2-Bronze your body by creating a homemade lotion by mixing moisturizer with cocoa powder.
3-Strengthen your nails by applying grape seed oil to your cuticles.
4-Use coconut oil on your entire body, including hair and nails.  It is a great moisturizer.
5-Ginger helps eliminate blemishes and scars.  Just apply a slice on top of the injured place.
6-Mix honey with sugar to exfoliate your body.
7-Prepare a mixture of cornmeal and honey to lighten the armpits and groin.
8-For dry feet leave them for 10 minutes in a bowl with water, glycerin, coarse salt and a few drops of lemon.
9-To reduce the dryness of the legs, after bathing, use a mixture of saffron and coconut oil.
10-Use sunscreen on the back of your hands daily to prevent them from becoming stained and flabby.

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